Zeeshan Mustafa: I am a software engineer based in Houston, Texas. I develop web, distributed and mobile applications. In computing field, my interests are cloud, information security and computational linguistics. I am an SCJP and MCSD.

My other interests are spiritualism, philosophy, books, some for-fun programming, photography, soccer (ex) and swimming (ex).

When I am intermittently free, or need something to curb my boredom, I love do some research on crypto, hang on irc and some lucid dreaming 🙂

Update 2012: After my blog being disappeared by previous web host in 2004, I am looking to establish a new very soon.

You can contact my by dropping an email at zeeshan[a-t]-zeeshan[.]net – [pgp key].

Last Update: 01:31:00 AM, 5th October, 2004 +0500GMT.